Introducing AutoFloodguard

A new automatically deploying floodguard, providing peerless property flood protection.

How does Autofloodguard work?


AJEA products is delighted to introduce their new automatically deploying flood barrier ‘AutoFloodguard‘. The product of extensive research and development, this innovative patent-pending flood solution will be introduced to a global audience at The Flood Expo in October 2015.

AutoFloodguard addresses the biggest drawback with all other conventional flood prevention solutions – it works when the homeowner is not at home.  The unpredictability of freak weather conditions means that homeowners are often caught off guard and found ill-prepared for when flooding occurs.

Easily retrofitted to any property AutoFloodguard is the only cost effective product that works whilst the owner is not at home, providing 24 hour, 365 days a year reassurance.  Perfect for those that live in higher risk flooding areas, are away from home frequently or have physical difficulty in deploying conventional sandbag or rigid board solutions, AutoFloodguard rapidly deploys to form an impenetrable barrier against rising water levels.

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